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Vendors, procurement, enablers
Vendors, procurement, enablers - streamlining financial services innovation
‘Procurement’ has become something of a dirty word in some quarters. Procurement teams are...
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The Bank and FinTech landscape_ from competition to cooperation
The Bank and FinTech landscape: from competition to cooperation
In the financial world, there is a growing trend towards collaboration between banks and FinTechs. This...
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Vendors vs procurement
Vendors & procurement
The intersection of technology and financial services is a celebrated hotbed of innovation. Indeed, whether...
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Finextra v2
TechPassport strengthens board with banking veteran Steve Suarez
TechPassport today announces the onboarding of Steve Suarez, Global Head of Innovation, Global Functions...
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Finextra v3
TechPassport at Fintech Week London 2022
During Fintech Week London 2022, The Fintech Times interviewed Layla White, CEO & Founder of TechPassport....
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FinTech Focus TV v1
Exposing your vulnerabilities - FinTech Focus TV
TechPassport addresses a crucial flaw in our marketplace by simplifying and accelerating the onboarding...
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IBS Intelligence v1
A marriage made in tech – how to speed up bank/FinTech partnerships
The bank/FinTech landscape is changing but establishing a working relationship can be a slow process...
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Fintech west v1
FinTech West celebrates FinTech innovators at Bristol Tech Festival
The event featured a line up of speakers drawn from across the South West, as well as guest speakers...
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Disruption banking v1
TechPassport’s Layla White on why ‘reputation and trust’ are so important
Layla is a popular figure amongst FinTechs and banks alike. She is often seen at events conversing with...
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