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Disruption banking v2
TechPassport strengthens its board with Duncan’s 25-years in financial services
It can be very tedious onboarding a new startup if you work at a bank. It can also be very frustrating...
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Finbold v1
From pitch to partnerships: Fintech Week London’s speed networking event kicks off at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
Fintech Week London, the forward-thinking event for the fintech industry, is excited to announce the...
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Sifted 2 v1
Tech "passport" to help startups work with big banks
Startups often shy away from working with big banks because the procurement process is so long. But now...
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Peer to peer v1
Zopa Bank joins TechPassport FinTech think tank
Zopa Bank is among 15 global banks to have partnered with fintech software company TechPassport to launch...
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HS v1
Why are TechPassport the best startup to work for?
The development and progression that the company has been through has been huge, but this has been built...
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Finextra 2 v1
Leading banks contribute to FinTech onboarding with Enterprise Ready Questions
ERQs assess the whether a FinTech reaches the standards needed to work with a large bank or financial...
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fintech times v1 (1)
TechPassport shares must-have standards to improve FinTech-bank collaborations
Together they have introduced Enterprise Ready Questions (ERQs) – an industry set of ‘must...
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american banker v1
Should you swipe left on that FinTech? Startups help banks vet firms.
As banks continue to lean on fintech vendors and partners to upgrade their internal technology and the...
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Fintech alliance v1
TechPassport: Streamlining the onboarding of innovative tech solutions for financial institutions
Fintech Alliance sat down with Layla White, CEO and Founder of TechPassport to discuss her experience,...
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