Enterprise Ready Questions

Introducing a new way to create transparency and clarity for financial institutions and FinTechs to be able to work and collaborate better.

Created in collaboration with 16 of the world’s largest banks, the Enterprise Ready Questions (ERQs) form the backbone of the TechPassport solution, accelerating FinTech onboarding, streamlining due diligence and simplifying the engagement process, to significantly reduce onboarding time and friction for both parties.

ERQs for financial institutions

With a curated marketplace of enterprise ready products, TechPassport facilitates financial institutions to confidently find FinTechs that align with their specific needs. By evaluating how compliant a FinTech is to the Enterprise Ready Questions, institutions can efficiently source and onboard products in line with their business, technical, compliance, and financial requirements.

ERQs for FinTech providers

The ERQs are a standardised set of carefully selected questions, representing the most crucial pieces of information for financial institutions. By answering the ERQs, FinTechs are awarded a unique Enterprise Ready Score, which can be viewed by financial institutions on the TechPassport marketplace. The higher the Enterprise Ready Score, the more likely providers are to be seen as enterprise ready by financial institutions when showcasing their solutions.

Becoming enterprise ready

By onboarding to TechPassport, FinTech providers will gain access to the ERQs. Once answered, providers can utilise their personalised dashboard to see their unique Enterprise Ready Score with a breakdown of strengths and weaknesses providing insight into how to become enterprise ready. 

The Enterprise Ready Questions are split into nine key areas:

Certification Certification
Breach Notification Breach Notification
Application Security Application Security
Data Retention Data Retention
Data Privacy Data Privacy
Data Storage & Separation Data Storage & Separation
Disaster Recovery Disaster Recovery
Encryption Encryption