Vendors, procurement, enablers – streamlining financial services innovation

‘Procurement’ has become something of a dirty word in some quarters. Procurement teams are often the whipping boy, positioned as the blocker or the bottleneck preventing large organisations from buying services efficiently. Nowhere is this more acute than in financial services, and particularly in capital markets. The financial services sector is desperate to buy innovation […]

The Bank and FinTech landscape: from competition to cooperation

In the financial world, there is a growing trend towards collaboration between banks and FinTechs. This trend is driven by the recognition that banks need FinTechs, and vice versa. However, there are still many barriers to entry that are hindering innovation on the banking side and causing many startups and FinTechs to fail. Think Tanks […]

Vendors & procurement

The intersection of technology and financial services is a celebrated hotbed of innovation. Indeed, whether in the UK’s Silicon Roundabout, throughout the Square Mile, or further afield in research centres including Cambridge, some of the most important and valuable new ideas of the last decade have been based on a simple question: “how can we […]

A marriage made in tech – how to speed up bank/FinTech partnerships

The bank/FinTech landscape is changing but establishing a working relationship can be a slow process of investigation and due diligence, potentially negating the advantages of speed and agility that FinTechs can offer. But with a list of enterprise ready questions (ERQs), TechPassport is aiming to simplify and speed up the engagement process. Robin Amlôt of […]

Why is TechPassport the best start up to work for?

When writing this I initially started with the product and how this helps buyers and suppliers connect it is the purpose of TechPassport but not the reason that we are the best start up to work for. I joined TechPassport 8 months ago, and have really enjoyed this time, due to the people that I […]

Crypto conversations

Industry Leaders Weigh In: Takeaways from our crypto roundtable hosted with CMS UK As the financial landscape continues to evolve, the intersection of traditional banking and the crypto industry presents both challenges and opportunities. To gain valuable insights into these topics, I had the privilege of interviewing industry leaders who shared their perspectives on navigating regulatory […]

FinTech UAE

With Dubai being placed as one of the top 10 FinTech hubs in the world, we look at how the region differentiates itself to attract Financial Institutions to their shores. To do this we are interviewing a series of key thought leaders working in the region to ask their opinions.  Today we speak to who Amnah Ajmal, […]

Bahrain’s digital transformation

The FinTech industry in Bahrain has experienced significant growth, with over 120 FinTech companies currently operating in the country. However, the majority of these companies focus on payments and crypto, according to the recently released ‘FinTech Ecosystem 2022’ report by Bahrain FinTech Bay. The Central Bank of Bahrain has been proactive in introducing new regulatory […]

The success factor

It’s 3am and the bar is four people deep. Drunks both happy and sad are screaming at you for service while you try to remember the constantly changing order you are taking from a tipsy and sometimes aggressive patron who can’t remember whether his mate wanted a double or a single. A fight starts kicking […]