TechPassport at Fintech Week London 2022

During Fintech Week London 2022, The Fintech Times interviewed Layla White, CEO & Founder of TechPassport. Layla is a female founder of a SaaS based Fintech marketplace, TechPassport. She has over 10 years experience working in vendor facing roles within Tier 1 banks, including commercial management, vendor management and procurement. Having seen the complications of […]

Exposing your vulnerabilities – FinTech Focus TV

TechPassport addresses a crucial flaw in our marketplace by simplifying and accelerating the onboarding process for suppliers. Layla’s drive to resolve this issue with a comprehensive solution is evident throughout the fascinating founding journey – a journey Layla details with refreshing authenticity and exposure to her vulnerabilities.

TechPassport’s Layla White on why ‘reputation and trust’ are so important

Layla is a popular figure amongst FinTechs and banks alike. She is often seen at events conversing with influential stakeholders from startups and financial institutions. Which is exactly how Disruption Banking met her for the first time a few weeks ago, in the company of a banking veteran, Steve Suarez, Global Head of Innovation, Global Functions […]

Tech “passport” to help startups work with big banks

Startups often shy away from working with big banks because the procurement process is so long. But now a new service is aiming to speed things up. Budapest-based startup SEON makes software that detects fraud by analysing customers’ social media footprints — a useful addition to the conventional fraud detection arsenal. It sells its services to online […]

Zopa Bank joins TechPassport FinTech think tank

Zopa Bank is among 15 global banks to have partnered with fintech software company TechPassport to launch the first marketplace of enterprise-ready fintechs this month. The think tank has developed a set of Enterprise Ready Questions (ERQs), or standards, by which large banks can judge whether fintechs are suitable to work with them and other […]

Why are TechPassport the best startup to work for?

The development and progression that the company has been through has been huge, but this has been built through determination and commitment from the team. TechPassport was founded by Layla White (CEO) in 2019 just before the pandemic hit- a reason that many companies incorporated at that time failed.