Your passport to working with financial institutions. Be seen by financial firms searching for FinTech solutions. Learn how enterprise ready you are and fast track your sales pipeline.

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Connecting you with multiple institutions.

Answer one set of questions to be seen by multiple buyers at once.

Our platform is your secure destination for fast-tracking your engagement process with FIs. We do this by solving all the pinch points of onboarding to make the process fast and frictionless. We are the foundation of industry best practice for establishing partnerships between FinTechs and financial institutions.

Understand what influences the buying decisions of financial institutions so you can successfully engage with them. Connect to live opportunities aligned with your business, at the right time. It’s risk-free with no onboarding charges and no subscription fees.

Why you benefit

Your single go-to platform to find institutions that are actively looking for enterprise ready FinTechs. We simplify and speed up the entire process so you can shortcut the compliance checks of regulated firms and avoid jumping through the same hoops over and over again.

Boost Exposure

Get connected and build relationships with institutions at their point of need.

Increase Success

Understand what it takes to win and build your enterprise ready status to succeed in a regulated environment.

Shortcut To Revenue

Grow your sales pipeline with exposure to new opportunities and accelerated onboarding.

Greater Certainty

Engage with live opportunities that are well-aligned to your business, at the point of need.

Vast Savings

Answer one set of questions to be seen by multiple financial institutions, saving precious resources navigating complex sales cycles.

More Control

Showcase exactly what you want buyers to see by being in control of your vendor profile.

Get enterprise ready

Show potential clients that you are serious about building a working relationship with them, by demonstrating that you are working towards enterprise readiness.

Our customer success team are here to support you will facilitate you through the journey to enterprise readiness and successful project wins.

Create a profile
Fill out the questionnaire​
Identify and resolve any gaps​
Connect with new business​

How it works

Our unique FinTech onboarding process is underpinned by the first enterprise ready questionnaire of its kind, curated by 14 of the world’s largest institutions, to give you the knowledge to meet industry requirements. Meanwhile, our workspace and workflows are designed to make the entire process as fast and frictionless as possible. Get industry ready, connect, then innovate.


Measure how enterprise ready you are.

  • Questionnaire allows you to demonstrate compliance with industry standards
  • Transparency on what financial institutions expect, allows you to identify and remedy any gaps
  • Institutions access your certified profile in their scouting tool


Streamlined onboarding workflows within the platform make it easier and faster to get started.

  • Contract management functionality accelerates onboarding
  • Expedited process reduces the time to realise and evidence revenues
  • Rapidly drive impact and demonstrate value, opening the door to win more business


Quickly engage and collaborate with financial institutions that are looking for new vendors.

  • Secure space to connect, communicate, and progress your partnerships
  • Product review, testing, and proof of concept can be executed within days
  • Constant anonymous feedback gives clear direction on how to progress and improve

Setting the standard for enterprise readiness

We are the first to standardise supplier selection criteria into a single profiling tool. One set of industry best practice questions, answered once by each FinTech, and ready for all institutions to search. Making the process fast and frictionless. Allowing both FinTechs and institutions to spend more time innovating.

Enterprise Ready Questions

Developed in partnership with 14 of the world’s largest banks, we have pioneered a single set of requirements into a comprehensive FinTech onboarding and due diligence questionnaire.

Enterprise Ready FinTechs

Suppliers complete the questionnaire to be profiled against the standardised criteria. Any shortfalls must be brought up to minimum requirements before the FinTech is considered enterprise ready.