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TechPassport sits at the epicentre of innovation in financial services, enabling financial institutions to connect with FinTechs. We achieve this by addressing the pain points of scouting and onboarding to make the process fast and frictionless. 

Our platform is your secure go-to destination for facilitating and fast-tracking the initial FinTech engagement process. It is the foundation of industry best practice for establishing partnerships between financial institutions and enterprise ready FinTech firms. 

Begin the journey and get connected. 

How you benefit

Your single go-to platform for direct access to FinTechs that meet the enterprise ready standards. You can rapidly scout and onboard FinTech products that match your business, technical, compliance, and financial goals. 

Significant Value Delivered

Save time, money, and effort by removing lengthy scouting, due diligence and contracting processes.

Efficient FinTech Scouting 

FinTechs are compliant, prepared, and proficient to work within a regulated financial services environment. 

Streamline Contracting 

Reduce the impact on all onboarding functions while having more transparency and control. This frees up SMEs to work on MSAs. (Giving time back to your team to work on high value tasks). 

Accelerate Innovation

Efficient and simplified onboarding that accelerates innovation, time-to-market, and business value. 

Reduce Wrong Supplier Choices

Remove due diligence and onboarding ‘wastage’ by engaging the right FinTech partner, the right time. By working with suppliers that are enterprise ready, you reduce the risk of engaging and finding out at a later date that the supplier does not meet your governance standards. 

Greater Value

Free compliance, legal, procurement and business resources to focus on higher value activities.

How we do it

Our unique FinTech onboarding process is underpinned by the enterprise ready questions agreed by 14 global financial institutions. This industry-specific set of governance requirements can provide confidence in the FinTechs on the platform and reduce risk when partnering with vendors. Meanwhile, our workspace and workflows are designed to make the entire process as fast and frictionless as possible. 


Search our enterprise ready FinTech platform, designed to accelerate product sourcing.

  • Search for FinTechs in numerous ways including by taxonomy or product type
  • Compare vendors side by side to see which meet your compliance demands and are fit for institutional engagement 
  • Comprehensive profiling that facilitates best selection against extensive chosen criteria
  • Increase internal and external accountability through awareness of FinTechs’ credentials


Streamlined onboarding process for putting NDAs and POCS in place within the platform making it easier and faster to innovate. 

  • Contract management within the platform improves governance
  • Expedited process reduces the time to market and increases innovation
  • Key data insights and market intelligence drives innovation and data driven decisions


Quickly engage and collaborate with FinTechs that meet your needs and are enterprise ready

  • Secure platform to connect, communicate contract, and progress your partnerships
  • Product review, NDAs, and PoCs are executed within days
  • Anonymous feedback mechanisms create actionable insights for continual supplier improvement
  • Create watchlists to track those who you are not quite ready to engage with yet 

Setting the standard for engagement with FinTechs that are enterprise ready 

We are the first to standardise supplier selection criteria into a single marketplace. One set of questions setting an industry standard, answered and kept current by each FinTech, and ready for FIs to search. Making the process fast and frictionless. Allowing both FinTechs and FIs to spend more time collaborating.

Enterprise Ready Questions

Developed in partnership with 14 global FIs, we have pioneered a single set of requirements into a comprehensive FinTech onboarding and due diligence questionnaire. 

Enterprise Ready FinTechs

Suppliers complete the questionnaire, providing context and evidence when required, to receive an enterprise ready score that allows you to select suppliers in confidence knowing they will meet your governance standards. 

Find the Right Supplier 

Search and filter across a range of criteria: 

  • Taxonomy 
  • Product type 
  • Enterprise Ready Questions 
  • FIs worked with 
  • IT stack 
  • Geography 
  • Funding stage 
  • Company diversity 
  • + Many more